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2012 Reading Fair
Tuesday, December 06, 2011
Example of winning kindergarten board from 2011
Guidelines for the upcoming NPES Reading Fair

Click here to access MDE Reading Fair Guidelines and 2011 State Winner Photos


Below is a copy of the letter sent home with NPES students in December. 

December 7, 2011

Dear North Pike Elementary School Parent:


The time is approaching for our annual NPES Reading Fair. While it is not due until late January, many parents have requested information so that they may begin early.

What is a reading fair?

An opportunity for students to share their favorite fiction book (made up story) through a storyboard display. Students must identify story elements such as characters and plot, and can also be creative in decorating their board to illustrate the theme of the story.

The reading fair is a judged event that consists of multiple levels. All students will submit a storyboard for judging within their own classroom. Note: This is optional for Kindergarten students. Classroom winners will advance to school wide judging. First place winners will advance to the regional reading fair and winners there will compete on the state level.

Does it have to be a library book?

For grades K-3, the answer is no. A book can be one from the school library, public library, or purchased elsewhere. We just ask that the book be appropriate for the child’s reading and grade level.

4th grade students are required to read a book and take an Accelerated Reader (AR) quiz on it as part of their 6 weeks grade. While the book does not have to come from the library, it must be AR.

What is a storyboard?

A storyboard looks similar to a science fair board (tri-fold board) and allows the students to display story elements from the book they chose. According to the Mississippi Department of Education requirements the board must be no less than 30”H x 40”W, and no larger than 36”H x 48”W. Projects may be submitted on poster board rather than tri-fold boards, but will NOT be eligible for judging.

When is it due?

Classroom judging will take place on January 19, 2011.

Teachers may require a day or two early to prepare for judging. More information will be given when we return from Christmas break.

While a reading fair project is not hard, it does take planning and could be looked at as a three step process:

1.     Select and read a book:

2.     Identify story elements (see reverse side) and summarize story

3.     Create the board

According to the Mississippi Department of Education Reading Fair Guidelines, a storyboard must contain the following information:

·        Title

·        Author

·        Publisher and Publication date

·        Setting – place and time of story

·        Main Characters – only those important to the story

·        Plot summary – brief summary (not retelling) of what the story is about and what takes place

·        Conflict – the problem of the story

·        Solution or Resolution – how the problem is resolved

·        Author’s Purpose – why the author wrote the story (to entertain, inform, persuade, or a combination).

·        Tone or Mood – the tone affects the feelings of the reader or how the author wants the reader to feel when reading the story.

 Boards may be entered in an individual, family, or group category. Here is what the MDE says about student and parent participation: 

“Items on the board may be handwritten or computer printed. Kindergarten students and other young students may require assistance in writing, typing, spelling, cutting, etc. This is permissible and part of the learning process; however, if a student of any age has extensive assistance, please enter the project in the family category. The family division projects should portray a book appropriate to the age of the child(ren). The child should be very knowledgeable about the book’s story elements and should have an active part in the construction of the display.” 

NOTE: For judging purposes – photocopying or other replication of illustrations from the book is not permitted. 


Happy Reading,

Tracy Deer, Beckie Nieman, Christy Miller & Kristi Bird

NPES Reading Fair coordinators

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